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 SXM Talk was launched in November 2011 with the aim of enlightening our listeners on matters that affect the island of St. Maarten. Since our launch SXM Talk has been rapidly growing with hundreds of viewers from all over the world.


With our motto being “Think Differently” every week SXM Talk brings you top of the line shows and interviews NOT covered by the main stream media.




Live & Serious discussion is where any and everything happening on St. Maarten is discussed.
This hour long program brings forth information which has an effect on the people of St. Maarten.
The main presenter of Live & Serious discussion is Mr. Christopher Emmanuel

Hard Talk is the hard-hitting and getting straight to the point interview program on SXM Talk.
This hour long interview is the result of the most controversial discussions about matters which affect St. Maarten.

Hard talk asks the difficult questions and takes a direct approach in doing so - from decision-makers; political leaders to the ordinary person.
The main presenter of Hard Talk is Mr. Christopher Emmanuel



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